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Pysanka by Stephanie Cheeseman Pysanky Steph

Pysanky, or Ukrainian Eggs, are a traditional folk art passed down through generations

Learn to make your own with Pysanky Steph

About Pysanky Steph


My name is Stephanie Cheeseman, aka Pysanky Steph.  I am a 3rd generation Ukrainian-American located in the DC metro area, specifically in Northern Virginia.  I learned to make pysanky as a young child, taught primarily by my mom.  My mom also taught pysanky at church and I helped her as soon as I was able.  In 2016 I started teaching my own classes.  After the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, I wanted to use what skill I have to raise funds for Ukraine and have supported and organized several fundraisers selling pysanky and teaching workshops since then.  I now offer private workshops, group classes, and continue to support fundraisers for Ukraine. I enjoy teaching this beautiful and important folk art to people of all backgrounds and skill levels.  Contact me to set up your Ukrainian egg making event today!

Stephanie Cheeseman Pysanky Steph


Private Workshops | Group Classes | Fundraisers

I am happy to teach or demonstrate to individuals or groups in private or public classes.  Each event is as unique as the individuals in the room, which is part of the joy that I find in teaching.  It doesn't matter if you have never heard of the art of pysanky or have been writing them all your life; if you are just a casual crafter or an artist looking to learn; if you are Ukrainian or just enthusiastic.  I am so happy that you are here!

Pysanky Dye Progression Stephanie Cheeseman | Pysanky Steph
What to Expect
pysanky eggshell | Pysanky Steph


Pysanky (PIH-san-kih) is the plural form of these vibrant eggs, while pysanka (PIH-san-kah) is the singular form.  Pysanky are made with a wax-resist (batik) method.  They are written with beeswax by heating the stylus, called a kistka, in a candle flame until the wax melts, and then a design is written on the egg.  The egg is fully submerged in dye from lightest color to darkest color, with more wax being applied at each step until finally the last color is the background.  The wax is then melted off to reveal your design!

Pysanky Steph workshops usually run for about 2 hours and will be held at your location.  The first few minutes will be a lecture about high level history, symbolism, and a tutorial.  The remaining time will be yours for hands on creation of pysanky!  


Classes can be for tailored for brand new beginners through experienced folks looking to exchange techniques or try a new style. 

I look forward to talking with you!

Ukrainian Eggs (pysanky) on sunflowers by Stephanie Cheeseman | Pysanky Steph

Upcoming Workshops and Events
Workshops, demonstrations, pysanky for sale, parties, and more!

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